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Amidst the ever changing city, I have remained in the same apartment in Queens for over twenty-eight years. As my work pays homage to past Latinx spaces, I created a series rendering my childhood home before I leave it behind. What a Part of the Apartment Meant is a series of mixed media paintings of my home created as I transition out of it and the parts of it I take with me. 


Valuing a childlike perspective, each works have vivid colors, textures, and an opportunity to curiously explore the scenes. Based on photos and memory, I depict each room around the liminal time of 1999-2000. I use paint, design, collaged material, tile, and found objects to address the collective narrative of transitioning into adulthood. Each part of the series captures fragments of personal references, while honoring the collective aesthetic of the Nuyorican interior. 


The focus on each separate room, the mosaic tile, the items behind open doors, and the stacked pieces recall such themes of the varied parts of a whole Nuyorican culture and the duality of the Latinx identity. 

For more information follow @mislaart and @praxis.newyork and visit

Photo Credit: Maxwell Brown

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