Misla is a native New York artist whose works acknowledge both the loss and survival of culture through colonization, immigration, and gentrification. With a focus on her Nuyorican community, the Puerto Rican diaspora in New York, she employs mixed media to create immersive works. Primarily using painting and collage in combination with animation and installation, her pieces use imagery related to the precarious nature of home within a threatened community. 

She acquired her BFA with the support of the Kossok Fellowship Award at Hunter College, and her MFA at Queens College.Her show with the artist collective NeoCreos, recognized most notably by Remezcla and the Queens Tribune, held local interest touching on the socioeconomic and political conditions affecting Jackson Heights. Misla’s recent full gallery installation Apt.9D, featured in New York Latin Magazine, depicted an interactive Nuyorican apartment interior. Portions of this work has been exhibited by Plaxall Gallery and Aquarius Studios in Queens.

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