SEP 10-NOV 7, 2020 



Opens Thursday, September 10th, 5 pm - 8 pm 

Gallery Hours Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm

Engage with the Artist Thursdays 5 pm - 8 pm

Praxis Gallery 501 W 20th NY, NY 10011

Contact to request a viewing with

the artist on Thursdays and Fridays during gallery hours. 

Limited capacity, max of 10 people at a time. 

With a specific interest in the Nuyorican perspective, Bendita Casita depicts an amalgamated Latinx apartment. Misla welcomes viewers into this sacred home, acknowledging our current relationship to domestic spaces. 

Misla (b. 1989, New York, NY) is an emerging artist whose works celebrate the Puerto Rican diaspora with immersive paintings in combination with collage, digital design, and installation. She explores the adaptation of Caribbean culture in a threatened urban environment through abstract depictions of apartment interiors. Honoring the duality of the Latinx experience, the show is curiously welcoming, helping to emphasize our recently renewed connection with the home.  


Select pieces have been exhibited by Queens College, Plaxall Gallery, Aquarius Studios, with The Latinx Project in the notable 2019 show Afrosyncretic, with The Heckscher Museum Emerging Artist Series, and with Praxis Gallery at Art Miami. 


For more information follow @mislaart and @praxis.newyork and visit

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